Top 18 Websites that Pay Money for Answering Questions

In 2024, there are many ways to earn money with the help of the internet using just your mobile phone or laptop. There are many websites where you can earn money by playing games or referring to others. However, there are also a few websites that pay you for answering questions.

Currently, there is a high demand for intellectual people who can provide insights on different topics and make the topic clear to others. Now, the best part is, you can also get paid to answer questions and solve the queries of online audiences. In this article, we will discuss the top 20 websites where you can earn money by answering questions.

Top Websites For Get Paid to Answer Questions

  1. JustAnswer
    Earn money by answering questions
    Just Answer is a popular website where you can earn money by answering questions. It has an intuitive chatting system through which you can communicate with the customers easily. There are various field to choose from in JustAnswer such as Finance, Computers, Law, Animals, etc. You have to really good in the field you are applying for in the website. After choosing your field of expertise, you have to submit your personal information along with your credentials such as your scanned copy of Diploma or degree, certifications etc.

Payment Details: JustAnswer pays its users through Paypal and Amazon gift card. In this website you can earn from $20 to $50 per question.

  1. PrestoExperts
    Prestoexperts pay money for answering questions
    PrestoExperts is another answer questions and earn money website with clock support for wide range of questions from different fields. You can ask and answer queries related from 600 different categories such as business solutions, technical support, mental health counseling and much more. To become an expert in PrestoExperts, you will have to submit an application consisting of your personal information and your field of expertise. Once the position you applied for becomes available, you will get an invitation from PrestoExperts via mail.

Payment Details: Presto Experts pays its users through check and Paypal. As an expert you can decide your own fee on this platform according to rate per minute in a session. You can conduct your session through phone call or chat and the service charge will start as soon as you accept the call till the moment it ends. Experts usually charge $2 or more for every minute.

  1. Maven
    Earn by answering questions on Maven
    Maven is a popular micro-consulting service platform where people can hire consultants from all over the world to advise them on everyday decision making. You can also become a consultant in Maven by registering yourself and filling out the form. It is a global knowledge marketplace you can earn money by consulting people regarding business making decisions, conducting researches, filling out surveys or giving insights.

Payments Details: Maven pays its users through check, according to their hourly rate. Consultants select their own hourly rate on the basis of their expertise.

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  1. Experts123
    Experts123 is an online question and answer space where you can make money by answering questions. However, unlike other websites, you can also make money by writing articles on Experts123 along with answering questions. You will make money according to the views in your articles and answers that are useful for the other audiences. Also, if you have a good number of followers on your article, the company can also invite you to write paid articles for other clients. To become an expert on Experts123, you have to register yourself on the website and fill in the given form. After that, you can write articles on different topics such as technology, health, beauty and more.

Payments Details: As an expert, you can redeem your earrings from Experts123 through Paypal. However, there is not the fixed amount of money that you will get for answering questions, and it totally depends on the revenue share of the money earned through ads on your articles. As a freelance writer, you can earn $10-$20 for any company paid article.

  1. StudyPool
    Earn money by answering questions on studypool
    StudyPool is an online tutoring website where you can earn money by answering questions and solving doubts of the students related to their homework or assignments. As a tutor, you simply have to browse through different categories of topics to choose from and answer the questions related to them. You can become a tutor on StudyPool by signing up from your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account. After signing up, you have to educational background and majors and you will be able to browse a pool of questions to answer.

Payment Details: StudyPool pays its users through Paypal and the payments can start from $1.

  1. is another website through which you can make money online by answering questions. The website hire experts in different fields and pay them for completing tasks and replying to mails. To become an expert on, you have to create your profile and join lists based on your skills and expertise. After you register your account on the website, you will start receiving messages from researchers, recruiters and companies about your area of expertise and you can earn money by answering their queries. You earn also earn extra money by completing simple tasks.

Payments Details: pays its users through Bitcoin, that makes him the best platform for those who want to explore crypto currency.

  1. HelpOwl
    Helpowl pays money for answering questions
    HelpOwl is a free resource website through which you can earn money by answering questions online. You will get points for answering the questions. The more questions you answer, the more points you get that you can redeem for gift cards. You can also earn points here for asking the question amd doing a company review.

Payment Details: HelpOwl pays its users through Amazon and Walmart Gift Cards. You can redeem a $10 gift card for 50,000 points. You will earn different amount of points for different tasks, such as 750 points for a company review, 50 points for asking a question, and 10-10000 points for answering a question.

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  1. Fixya
    Fixya pays money for answering questions
    Fixya is another question and answer website for product related queries or troubles that people may have. If their queries are not answered, the users can ask a question directly and they will get responses from experts via mail. You can get paid by Fixya for answering questions once you become a premium expert. There are three levels of expert in Fixya with Premium Expert being the highest level. You will earn points for answer you provide and you upgrade to the next level according to the number of points you earn.

Payment Details: Experts can around $3 to $5 for every answer they provide in Fixya. However, you can set your own pay rates by introducing live sessions

  1. Answeree
    Earn money by answering questions on Answeree rummy modern
    Answeree is another website to make you earn money by answering quiz. You can register yourself on the website by mentioning your expertise and post accurate answer and solutions to earn money online. You will get points for every comment you get on your answer that can be redeemed into cash. You get 10 points for one answer and 5 points per comment.

Payment Details: Answere pays its users through Paypal or Skrill. Here, 10 points is worth 1 cents.

  1. Clarity
    Clarity is an online answer questions and make money website that focuses on providing advice to business owners and entrepreneurs. To apply as an expert in Clarity, you need to register with your LinkedIn and choose your category of expertise. After that, you can be paid for providing your professional advice and feedback.

Payment Details: Clarity pays its users through Paypal and yuo can set your own rates in this website according to your level of expertise. The average rates on Clarity are range up to $50 for 30 minutes, which is $1.60 per minute.

  1. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks is another website where you can earn money by answering questions online. It offer polls and surveys and you will get paid according to the answer you choose. Apart form answering questions, Swagbucks also helps you to earn money by playing games, browsing the internet, and shopping online.

Payment Details: You can redeem your earnings from Swagbucks through Paypal Payments or Amazon gift card. You can redeem minimum $1 to $5 depending upon the payment option you choose.

  1. SurveySavvy
    SurveySavvy is another website for making money by answering question where you can get paid for filling out the surveys. The first step is to sign up to the website, after that, if your profile matches the basic criteria for a specific survey, you will get an invitation via mail from SurveySavvy to participate in the survey. The invitation will also mention how much money you can expect from that survey.

Payment Details: You can only redeem your earning by SurveySavvy through a cheque, which means that you may have to wait for 4 to 12 weeks to redeem your earnings.

  1. Wyzant
    Wyzant is an online platform for students to connect with the experts and get consultation or one-to-one instruction. You can register yourself as private teacher in Wyzant from 250+ subjects and earn money by solving the doubts of the students. You can list your tutoring services on the site and the students can connect with you as per their needs.

Payment Details: You can set your own rates in Wyzant, and the website claims that their top tutors earn $50K per year. The website charges from your students and deposit the money directly into your bank account.

  1. Skooli
    Skooli pays money for answering questions
    Skooli is another online tutoring website where the teachers can connect with the students and earn money by solving their doubts. You can set up your profile on the site by adding a profile photo and your subjects of expertise. It is a simple process where you just have to go online and accept instant help requests from students.

Payment Details: You can start earning money by tutoring students one-on-one on Skooli online classroom. According to MoneyPantry, tutors make $25 per hour from Skooli.

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  1. ZapSurvey
    ZapSurvey is an online platform which helps you to make money online by answering survey questions. Apart from that, you can also get 40% cashback from ZapSurvey when you shop from more than 50 retailers online.

Payment Details: There are different methods through which you can redeem your earnings from ZapSurvey including PayPal account, Amazon eGift cards, and Visa eGift cards.

  1. Needle
    Needle is another online platform which helps you to earn money by answering questions. It has partnered with several online retailers to provide live product expertise to the customers with the help of the people who have already used their products. If you are selected, you will gwt to chat with the customers online and help them to find the right product. After answering customers’ queries, you will be compensated with the points which you can redeem into the products.

Payment Details: Needle doesn’t offer you money, but it gives you free stuff to chat with the customers. After that, you will be getting points that can be redeemed for a product.

  1. MyLot
    MyLot is an online discussion board and community where you can earn money by providing fruitful insights and making valuable contributions. Every time you start a discussion, respond to a discussion, or comment in a discussion, you will be making a contribution that will help you earn money. Your earnings will depend upon how valuable and fruitful your insights were for the site’s community during the discussion.

Payment Details: MyLot pays its users through their Paypal account. Once you have earned more than $5, you can redeem your earnings into your bank account.

  1. Wonder
    Wonder is an online platform which hire researchers to answer people’s queries. To become an expert and earn money by answering questions in Wonder, you need to put more research and provide in-depth responses as compared to the other answer questions and earn money websites.

Payment Details: Wonder pays you on the basis of your research and in-depth analysis, so the payment varies from person to person. You can earn from $6 to $8 for easier questions and up to $35 for difficult questions as quoted in MoneyPantry.

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  1. Weegy
    Earn money by answering questions on Weegy
    Weegy is another questions and answers websites where you can simply answer questions and make money online. You can get paid about $0.20 for every question that you answer. junglee rummy

Payment Details: You can make around $0.20 for each question in Weegy and the earrings will be directly transferred into your bank account.

  1. 6ya
    6ya is an online money making website where you can earn money by helping people and solving their queries over a phone call. You can earn money for every call you make and the average duration for a call is about 4 to 5 minutes. You can diecide your own schedule in 6ya and decide how many calls you want to take in a day.

Payment Details: 6ya offers a $100 bonus to Experts who accept at least 20 calls within 7 days from their activation. You can set your own rates and transfer the earrings directly into your bank account.

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